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About Company
Dream Home Abroad is the representative of the Swedish holding company, provides services in the field of expertise, consulting, legal support for acquisition of real estate in Turkey and North Cyprus (verification of the legal purity of the property, negotiations with construction companies/owners to obtain flexible favorable conditions, processing of the transaction), provides support to customers after purchase: renting out apartments, furnishing, control of apartments, etc. On the international real estate market since 1998.
5 reasons why it is profitable to work with us:
We know our business
Our company employs professionals with at least 3 years of experience. We thoroughly form our portfolio, selecting the most interesting projects and options. Here you can find rare exclusive offers. We invest in employees and new services for our customers.
We love our customers
Our clients become our kind friends, we do not promise "golden mountains", but we are always honest, transparent and we try to help. 80% of sales we make by recommendations of previous clients.
Freedom and transparency
Each buyer has the right to full information about the market, the freedom of choice and freedom of movement, as well as the choice of the partner with whom the deal will be made. We respect your choice!
Best price guarantee
We do not add in the commission the costs for the luxury office, secretaries, a car park or a massive advertisement. We earn not on high commissions, but on regular sales.
The principle of fairness
We work on the same terms with all buyers (Turks, Europeans, Russian speakers).