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Customer Services
If you decide to buy or rent a property in Turkey or in North Cyprus, welcome to the number of Dream Home Abroad clients!

Our activity is licensed and consists in providing professional services to real estate buyers, using experience and best practices in the field of investment, immigration policy, legal support and consulting.

Our communication does not end with help in choosing and decorating an attractive apartment, villa or land. We will help you deal with public services, act as your representative in the tax authorities, make repairs, buy furniture in new housing, insure your apartment and solve many other organizational or household issues.

Our company offers services for renting your apartment for additional income, we have developed several service packages for you, detailed information is available on request at:

We are well aware that buying a property abroad, you not only invest in your future and the future of your children, but also consider Turkey or Northern Cyprus as your possible second home. Make this house very hospitable, and the process of buying a safe and comfortable - this is our job, the most expensive reward for that, of course, is the joy of our customers, as well as their recommendations to friends and acquaintances.